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FUE Hair Transplantation

What You Need to Know About Hair Examination and Analysis

The newest and best-resulting technique among hair transplantation methods according to our experience is Follicular Unit Extraction FUE technique. It is a method that allows us to obtain natural results.

FUE is the transplantation of the hair roots ( grafts ) that are taken from donor area ( between two ears and nape of neck region ) to the hairless regions. In this method, hair follicles (follicular units or hair grafts) harvested one by one, with using special round-tip cutters (punch ) and a micro motor. Harvested hair follicle does not regrow, because it is taken with its root. When the tiny circular holes left when grafts harvested are healed and closed, the holes will come close to each other, so there is no noticeable hair density loss which can be recognized by naked eye, in the region where hair is removed. This is especially true when the hair kept 1 cm long.

"Only Scientific Facts Not Unrealistic Promises" - Erkut Ozdamar MD.

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