Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Hair Specialist

Preoperative Information

Do not consume alcohol 3 days before the operation.

Inform your doctor about your chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiac, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, etc) or any other acute diseases and medications you have been using for that reason.

Do not use Aspirin prior to 10 days and other anticoagulant medications (Plavix, Coumadin and Heparin) 3 days prior to the operation date.

Adjust the dosage of any medication you have been using by consulting your doctor (i.e. antidepressants, anticoagulants).

Stop using local hair treatment products (i.e. Minoxidil)10 days before the operation.

For your comfort and ease before, during and after the operation please wear shirt, jacket ( clothes with button in the front). You can put them on and take them off easily and prevent outfits from contact – rub your hair. You may wear a comfortable bottom like sports wear.

Wash your hair before the operation and do not use any gel or spray after washing.

Make sure to have breakfast before the operation. If your operation is in the afternoon, have a light meal before coming. Do not drink coffee or any caffeinated beverages on the day of your procedure. These substances may increase bleeding and your sensitivity to medications used during the procedure.

Do not smoke 24 hours before the operation, if possible; if not , try to reduce the number of cigarettes. Do not forget that smoking delays healing.

Do not take multivitamin preparations such as Vitamin B and E ,1 week before the operation as they may increase bleeding.

Do not drive within 6 hours after the operation, please make sure somebody will accompany you if you have to travel by car.

As the operation will last long, the persons accompanying you may get bored while waiting; so come alone if possible.

Please be punctual and get ready at specified time at the hospital or the hotel lobby.